Thinking Differently For Better Evolutionary Investment Results.


Our Investment Property Program (IPP) is designed to provide you with all the aspects of a smart, workable, and deliverable approach to investment – MENTORING, EDUCATION and SOUND PROCESS. While we put into action all the necessary processes that create a new, fully tenanted, sound investment property in your name with accompanying finance structures that gives you the peace of mind and ability to hold your property long term.


Obviously the resultant capital growth and income derived from holding investment properties long term is what we are all after. But lets be honest, really, nobody gets excited about pieces of paper with coloured numbers on them! What gets people excited is what you are going to use that money for….. the new choices you can create for yourself, your family and other important purposes in your life.



Kovacs Property Group specialises in assisting you build wealth through property education. But before we do that, we need to address your fears, mis-information, financial frustrations, perceived threats, and confusion.

You must ask yourself;

  • What do you want out of life?
  • What is stopping you from having these things now? and,
  • Where do the fears you have, around wealth development,investment and debt,stem from?


Unless you address what you don’t know, what scares, or concerns you about developing wealth, remove the mis-information from television, online media and print, and you begin to work from a place of clarity, knowledge and education – you will continue to be led, in financial decisions by your emotions.


We have ALL seen the bad news stories on television, showing the bad tenants, the negative reports on property in Australia, as we move further into the 21st century. Most of us have parents who frown upon debt (of any kind!), and who taught us to react to finances from a place of fear rather than possibility. And yep, very few people know all there is about negative gearing!


Kovacs Property Group actively seeks to address the fears and concerns you have towards investment, property acquisition and wealth development. We work with you to ensure your financial education, the processes and structures you put in place provide you with peace of mind and security, rather than fear and trepidation.


We work with you addressing:

  • One on One Wealth Education
  •  Understanding the Taxation system
  • Personal Needs
  •  Your Barriers and Concerns
  • Ownership Options
  •  Clarifying Motivation and Goals
  • Financial Analysis
  •  Portfolio Strategies
  • Strategic Investment Planning
  •  Full, Comprehensive Solutions



Creating Wealth is a mindset change for most people; otherwise you would already be wealthy.

This mindset change involves educating yourself on how to use Money, Taxes, Time and Energy differently to the way you are using them now.

  • Money - Money encompasses the use of savings and equity differently, distinguishing bad debt from good debt and using debt differently. Creating finance structures with buffer technology giving you flexibility, protection and greater access to funds. And KEY to your successful investment journey – education on how to treat your investment as a small business and not an “investment property”, and how you cash flow this operation.
  • Tax - There are 2 certainties in life; Death and Taxes. BUT things have changed and you’re in good company if you wish to minimise your tax contributions. There are thousands of dollars to be claimed in depreciation deductions on investment properties. Kovacs Property Group educates you on the business principles, how to look at Tax differently and what independent advisors are needed to ensure you maximise your deductions. But NOTE – this is not a Silver Bullet. Nothing that requires education, learning and implementation is. This is not a get rich quick scheme, and if you were after one, then grab the next train, cause this ones on a different track!
  • Time - Understanding the compounding miracle of property over time and using time to accumulate investment properties for capital growth. This is a long-term strategy of investing.
  • Energy - Using emotional energy differently to buy and sell your properties, particularly understanding how people make money with property and how people lose money with property – it is all emotional energy.



The standard way of purchasing an investment property for maximum capital growth in incorrect. Getting caught up in the emotions, quick fixes, short term trading strategies and schemes when purchasing an investment property does not equal success, just misery.

However, applying long-term viable business principles that have stood the test of time, that meet all your legal and taxation obligations will ensure your success.

Kovacs Property Group makes it happen through a process of ;

  • Innovative Property Structure
  • Innovative Financial structures and strategies
  • Sound Wealth creation strategies
  • A thorough Investment Program, designed to deliver your financial needs while meeting your lifestyle needs.
  • A Purchase Property analysis (What type of property should you invest in?)
  • Asking, what team members do you need in place?, and helping you locate them, and
  • A sound and workable contingency plan.

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