Investing in real estate is a dynamic process, because any one of the many ingredients that are needed to produce sound wealth through property, change regularly.  This is also a serious business and demands experienced professionals understanding the changing demographics.


That is why applying innovative property and finance structures with long-term strategies from proven professionals gives you the best result.  The key point here is nobody has the time, energy and confidence to do it by themselves.


The Kovacs Property Group provides all the necessary procedures and independent professionals required to protect you and produce the results you are after.

Image_5 YOUR INVESTMENT PROGRAMPlan to be rich – don’t plan to be poor. A process of scheduled meetings and education sessions, designed to educate, while implementing your investment property plans. Consultation; understanding concepts and the pitfalls; researching which financial structures work best and following a sound set of steps to provide you with education, knowledge and an investment property that works for you and fits your lifestyle – LONG TERM. “Don’t wait to buy property – buy property and wait”
Financial Education is integral to Kovacs Property Group. Creating wealth is, yes, a mindset. Creating long term, sustainable, real wealth through property investment also requires continued education on strategies, concepts, Tax, financial structures and much more. Don’t listen to that little voice in your head – telling you “I can’t do this ..” any longer. Get on with your powerful life before it’s gone, Kovacs Property Group will provide the tools to help you achieve learn and implement.
Kovacs Property Group provides you with the latest in investment market trend, growth and research. The team of independent professionals working alongside Kovacs Property Group work to ensure you receive accurate and timely property and market information. We present the facts as they stand, allowing you to learn and understand them clearly.
A man doing his taxes using a calculator and pencil on a white background TAX MANAGEMENT AND DEPRECIATION
Sick of paying big taxes? You can own a property, invest in a property or you may just want to expand your portfolio. And if there was an additional strategy that could increase that by $20 – $30k p.a. then you’d want to understand that too. You’re not alone. And be careful what you wish for! Working with Kovacs Property Group, to implement the right Tax strategies, knowledge and skills gives you all the tools you need. Through Innovative property and finance structures applied to your circumstances you save much more Tax then you think and do so legally.
With the support of Kovacs Property Group you will soon have the answers to all your investment property questions. Kovacs Property Group prides itself on providing the right vehicle for your wealth creation now, and in the future. We work independently of other Financial Institutions or Groups and think differently for better evolutionary investment results. Support for your choices, your business and investment needs.
Lack of knowledge = Fear and Concern. Kovacs Property Group actively works with you, to address any investment concerns you may feel. We mentor and guide absolute vision on your investment focus, help you clarify a clear direction for your investment “road map”, apply high energy to your tasks, follow through and consistently believe in you. You now have a team, working with you, providing accountability, focus and commitment towards your investment passion.
A strategy that allows you to manage the ups and downs of life before and after retirement and is the foundation of our property funding.  The following key points must be addressed.

  • PROTECTION - You must be able to sleep at night.  So using your equity to provide buffers for your investment and personal world whilst giving protection to your principal place of residence is a very powerful ingredient of our finance strategy.  Your accountant and insurance advisors will supply additional protection tools.
  • FLEXIBILITY - Having an investment property increases real cash into your world, in the form of Tax Withholding and rental income.  This provides you with flexible choices in how you handle bad debt and good debt.  Each investor is unique in their requirements so each finance strategy is custom made to you.
  • ACCESS TO FUNDS - One of the major benefits of our finance strategy is having access to multi lenders funds without having to move from your current bank.  You also have access to funds at different LVR’s (Loan to Value Ratio’s) from a variety of lenders depending on your cashflow and tax strategies.  No longer are you dictated too by your current lender.


IMAGE_10 SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS PRINCIPLESDo you have what it takes to be in business for yourself? After all that’s exactly what you are doing when you buy an investment property There are four basic questions you need to be able to answer before starting your own investment property business.

1. Is there a need for your investment property? If not, don’t start. It isn’t enough to think it’s a good idea or it would be fun. You have to be sure there is a market out there for your property.

2. Do you have enough money? There is no set amount; but you need to make sure you have enough money to start, grow and sustain the holding of the investment property long term.

3. Are you and your family ready? Getting into any business can challenge the relationships within your family, unless your family members are also ready for you to be in this business. You will need their support, or else being in business can destroy a family.

4. Are you confident in yourself and your investment property strategy? If you aren’t, you can’t succeed. There will be plenty of people to knock you down, but you have to be confident enough in what you’re doing, to stay on track.

Below are just some of the questions that need to be addressed:

  • Will revenues from I/P income streams exceed expenses?
  • How do you cash flow the I/P leading too and after retirement?
  • Do you focus on cash flow instead of profits/Capital growth of I/P?
  • Who is your competition (Demographics/ Location) and are you underestimating the competition?
  • What type of I/P?
  • Inadequate loan and buffer structure? (Expenses are going to be higher, revenue slower)
  • Underestimating the time needed to for capital growth and neutral cash flow?
  • Overestimating the size of the market.
  • Who makes sure you collect the rent and taxes?
  • Do you have an exit strategy – Can the property be sold easily if needed?
  • Are you delegating everything to professional specialists (reliable builders, finance structures, property manager, Accountants, Solicitors, QS, proven developers etc.)?


Tick all these boxes and you could create a property portfolio that will deliver $1M over time.

But don’t be impatient or over optimistic, you need to spend considerable time investigating property and finance structures and developing relationships with true professionals needed to achieve the best outcome ………This is a serious business and rewarding if you follow sustainable business principles.

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