To provide innovative property and finance structures to professionals for sustainable long term wealth.


With Kovacs Property Group, you will be part of a team that has a very clear intention to create wealth now and in the future for YOU.  The key element to make any team work, is trust.
The ingredients required to build, maintain and restore trust within yourself and others are:

  • Clear direction of YOUR promise to yourself and discipline of keeping to YOUR promise
  • Absolute focus on your vision
  • Applying high energy to the immediate tasks at hand
  • Follow through with a belief in maintaining a long term strategy in the face of interruptions


Remember, ‘How you do anything is how you do everything’, so if you don’t have a team around you that supports the above, you may want to change what you want out of life. Most people want to be the best they can be, if provided with the right context, education and tools. With this in mind, we demand of ourselves and you to establish high levels of accountability, focus and commitment toward our shared passion – Wealth Through Property Education and Implementation.
You now have a team of professionals whose passion is to ACTION, LEARN and GROW with you into the future. 

We deeply respect the trust you have placed in us to help you along your investment journey.
As we said earlier investment is a team sport, in order to make your investment journey safe and enduring we have engaged a team of learned independent professionals to handle the important and necessary elements of our Investment Property Program (IPP).  But there is more to it than that, there are 11 very important business principles you must consider before you purchase the investment property (e.g.)

  • Will revenues from the I/P income streams exceed expenses?
  • How do you cashflow the project if you don’t have a tenant?
  • Do you have an exit strategy?


These, and many more important business principles focus you on making sure your investment property purchase makes good business sense.   Education and Implementation on how to more effectively use these business principles will give you access to; time, taxes, good debt, buffers, little voice management, property cycles and compound growth to build wealth.


Most importantly you are not doing it on your own; you are part of a team with a long-term plan for wealth.

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